Composure: Permanence

By Kyle Studstill.

If we are to do our best work in the face of constant chaos and change, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. Composure produces an ongoing series of reflections, guided by creative works that foster specific kinds of perspective.

This week: permanence. 


Well Received is a line of stationery and box sets that celebrate the emotions thoughtfulness evokes. Their unique cards draw inspiration from the worlds of architecture and fashion, working leather, marble, concrete and wood into uniquely textured stationery. 

Julie Van Daele, cardmaker, on the beauty of permanence:

My husband’s father passed away about 7 years ago. Last Christmas his mom brought out a letter from his dad that was hand-written to my husband at the age of 16. His dad’s letter spoke about the man he was at 16—how proud his dad was of him, and how if he continued on this path, his dad wouldn’t be able to imagine what an amazing man he would be. My husband is now 32 and we have this letter framed. It can’t drive home my point enough…handwritten notes are timeless, continue to touch you over and over again, show thought and effort and are CONSTANT in an ever changing world.

download (1)Today, when everything is a text or email or Instagram away, the practice of sending someone a hand-written letter goes an incredibly long way. Right now, many things are so fleeting and instant—but a letter can last a life time, and can touch someone over and over over again. The letter shows emotion, time, effort, thoughtfulness and so much more.

On bringing artistry to the work: 
As I develop concepts for new collections, I tend to reflect on what inspires me and also take a look at my most recent screengrabs 🙂 When it came time to design my second collection, I found that architecture really was inspiring me and thus I launched a collection of textures. The textures included Marble & Concrete textured paper, real wood, and faux ostrich leather. With this TEXTURED SERIES I was able to still stay true to my craft of stationery, while offering a super unique, minimal and modern product.

On how Well Received expresses her idea of the life well-lived: 
I try to live my life with purpose and intent, focusing on PEOPLE not things. Well Received is an extension of who I am to my core. Well Received allows me a platform to tell others they matter to me, they are valuable to me and that they too can pass along this message of being purposeful and thoughtful.


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