Composure: Companionship

By Kyle Studstill.

If we are to do our best work in the face of constant chaos and change, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. Composure produces an ongoing series of reflections, guided by creative works that foster specific kinds of perspective.

This week: companionship.



image via The Sill


The Sill is a small group of plant specialists in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, guided by a sense for design and an appreciation of well-designed spaces. Focused on the experience of discovering the perfect plant, they’re committed to ensuring that wherever it is we choose to spend our time, we do so accompanied by beautiful companions.


 Eliza Blank, plant specialist:


People ask me, “Why plants?” To me, it’s like asking “why oxygen?”; we need plants in the spaces we occupy like we need clean air, sunlight, or a jacket on a cold day. Americans spend nearly 90% of our lives indoors—so I made it our mission to encourage others to bring the outdoors in by making it more accessible and more compelling. Plants are simply beautiful on their own.


Her perspective comes from: 

The Mass MoCA
My all-time favorite museum—it’s one of the largest museums for contemporary art and its space allows for some of the most compelling installations. It most certainly challenges the status quo. I first visited when I was 15. And I just got married there two years ago.

Loose Leaf AU
I can’t stop with this AU-based floral and plant design firm. Their work is unlike anything I’ve seen. I could spend hours on their Instagram. (But not really…or maybe…)

Mindful VC
Cheesy maybe, but my husband deserves to be on the list. He writes a great personal blog about his ventures in business—or rather, his business ventures.


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