The New Luxury: The Perfect Wooden Spoon

The perfect cooking spoon from Robin Wood.

By Regina Connell. Doing anything well is about having the perfect tool. It renders the beginner at least halfway competent, the middling enthusiast confident, and powers the truly skilled to new heights. Working with the perfect tool is utter pleasure … Continue reading

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Profile: Cooper Ternes

Profile: Cooper Ternes

By Anna Hoeschen | All images courtesy of Caitlin Cooreman   On a crisp fall morning in Grand Marais, Minnesota, Cooper Ternes is at the lathe, and he emerges to give us an exuberant welcome. Inside his studio, we find … Continue reading

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Profile: A Refreshing Dip with Araya Jensen of Wind and Willow


By Anna Hoeschen. All images by Caitlin Cooreman.   Minneapolis-based designer Araya Jensen ambles through her newly repurposed basement, an egg-white studio, while her son Quentin (3) and daughter Avery (5) race through the screen door into the sun-soaked backyard. … Continue reading

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Noticed: Yuri Kobayashi

Yuri Kobayashi - top

By John Burrows, Wood Design. Yuri Kobayashi was born and raised in Japan. She later relocated to the US for graduate studies and is currently a teacher at the furniture design program at RISD. Her sculpture contains familiar, traditional Japanese … Continue reading

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