Noticed: Silvia Song

Indigo dyed bowls

By Regina M. Connell I’ve been going through a phase recently where the minimal has been appealing to me a little less. I want things a little more baroque, so to speak (not fully but a little more in that … Continue reading

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Noticed: Furniture for Grown Ups

Mr Drink

By Regina Connell. When you were a kid, restraint was one of those concepts that didn’t exist, right? Then, for many, as you got older, the idea that restraint was a good thing got kind of knocked into you. This … Continue reading

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Pick of the Week: Winter Light

Menorah by Marmol Radziner

By Regina Connell. One of the reasons I love this time of year so much is the candlelight. In addition to bringing light into the darkest season (in the northern hemisphere, at least), it’s a reminder of humanity, of things … Continue reading

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Pick of the Week: A Different Kind of Swilling

Swill Stool

By Regina Connell. Yes, there are terms that don’t show up even in Wikipedia or most of the online dictionaries.  One of those terms is “swilling”—not as in beer or gin. And it has nothing to do with pigs. What … Continue reading

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