Demanding excellence: Branden Adams

Shaker Stools, image by Steven Poe

By Regina Connell. Oakland-based furniture designer Branden Adams is one of those guys who should be much better known. Branden is half of a husband and wife duo called BaDesign. Together with his wife Jennifer Ivanovich, BaDesign specializes in the … Continue reading

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Finding the Sweet Spot: John Wiggers

Hand-finishing an  inset walnut finger pull

By Regina Connell. John Wiggers‘s wood work—meticulous, rigorous, luxuriously and sumptuously crafted—is an absolute embodiment of his obstinate sense of integrity and his inability to tolerate BS. And it’s won him commissions throughout the world (currently: desks for executives in … Continue reading


Noticed: The Fabulous Compost Box

Cliff Spencer Compost Bin

By Regina M. Connell. We’re always on the lookout for ways to incorporate the work of innovative makers into our daily lives in truly practical ways, and we’ve found the perfect one, courtesy of LA-based Cliff Spencer Furniture. And what’s … Continue reading

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The New Luxury: The Perfect Wooden Spoon

The perfect cooking spoon from Robin Wood.

By Regina Connell. Doing anything well is about having the perfect tool. It renders the beginner at least halfway competent, the middling enthusiast confident, and powers the truly skilled to new heights. Working with the perfect tool is utter pleasure … Continue reading

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