Craftsmanship & Geopolitics

Hand making wool felt rugs in Iran

By Regina Connell. There’s been a buzz in the world of craft and artisanship of late, and I’m not talking about a new artisanal brew, air-dried hachiko persimmons or hand-turned foraged wood beard combs. No: I’m talking about Cuba and … Continue reading

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Composure: Permanence


By Kyle Studstill. Composure If we are to do our best work in the face of constant chaos and change, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. Composure produces an ongoing series of reflections, guided by creative … Continue reading

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Something More than Money

The Borderers of Saint Pauls

By Regina Connell. It’s not all about money. While the biggest financial supporter of specialized artisan craft skills is no doubt the commercial luxury fashion sector, there’s another sector that has long supported great craft skills: the church. Just as … Continue reading

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Embellish Me This

Skirt, Image by Rinne Allen

By Regina Connell. What goes around, comes around—yes. And what’s coming around (yes, I realize that for some it never left) is embellishment and, in particular, embroidery and needlework.  At least it is in fashion, and where fashion goes, so … Continue reading

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