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Noticed: Silvia Song

Indigo dyed bowls

By Regina M. Connell. I’ve been going through a phase recently where the minimal has been appealing to me a little less. I want things a little more baroque, so to speak (not fully but a little more in that … Continue reading

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Pick of the Week: Mandy Aftel’s Fragrant

Mandy Aftel Fragrance Bottles

By Regina Connell. Mandy Aftel is one of our favorite artisans, thinkers, and inspirations. Why? Because she’s the real deal. Not only is she one of the world’s best fragrance artisans, but she is a serious student of the world … Continue reading

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Kirsten Muenster: Meditations on Design

Small Box Chain Necklace by Kirsten Muenster

By Regina Connell. It’s always exciting to discover really fresh work, both in terms of finding an artisan whose work doesn’t show up in all the usual suspect places, and in terms of work that looks completely unique. I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Curated Object: Stan Bitters


By Joanne Molina. The Curated Object. Where have the mavericks gone? The last three decades have witnessed a transformation of public space unlike any other and the US is now facing a question that speaks to the very notion of … Continue reading

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