Material Inquiry: Salt

By Regina Connell. Now obviously, we have a thing for salt here. I’ve always loved it for its shape, meaning, and sheer savoriness, along with the pleasure it gives food—and thus life.  In fact, I’ve been accused of seeing some … Continue reading

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Resolution: Reconsider the Bookstore

By Regina Connell. It’s time we rediscover the bookstore, for real. There’s something magical about them: they’re doorways to discovery, dreaming, new possibilities. They’re not just about expanding your head: they’re about expanding your psyche, your soul, maybe even changing … Continue reading

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Noticed: Design Miami/

By Heather Palmer. The ceramic presence at the Design Miami/ show this year confirmed that (love it or hate it) the “trend” of ceramics is still here. Certain markets appear saturated with ceramic work that feels, at times, too similar. … Continue reading

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AltLuxe: Have the Chocolate

By Regina Connell. I recently came across a reasonably compelling piece on how eating for pleasure could be the best diet plan. And, it reminded me that what goes for the body, goes for a lot of other things, I do … Continue reading

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