Noticed: LITE + CYCLE Urban Forest Pillar Candle

Kristi Head. Photo by Laura Austin.

By Dominique Koudsi. As a Los Angeles native, I’ve always been fascinated by the dichotomy of LA. It’s somehow both too small and too big—the quietly suburban right up against the cosmopolitan and worldly. It’s a metropolitan landscape cocooned in … Continue reading

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Noticed: Peter Bellerby x Bellerby and Co.

Peter Bellerby. Image courtesy of Bellerby & Co.

By Dominique Koudsi. When I saw the tweet from @globemakers asking if we’d ever featured an artisanal globemaker on Handful of Salt, my interest was immediately sparked. I still remember the first globe my dad ever bought me: a special … Continue reading

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Noticed: Metal on Pinterest

Handful of Salt: Metal Collection

  Here’s our gorgeous Pinterest board featuring metal and silversmithing. We love what we’re discovering there. Some old favorites from Handful of Salt (Stacey Lee Webber and her fantastic work with pennies, and Junko Mori‘s raw meets refined sea creatures). … Continue reading

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The New Luxury: The Perfect Wooden Spoon

The perfect cooking spoon from Robin Wood.

By Regina Connell. Doing anything well is about having the perfect tool. It renders the beginner at least halfway competent, the middling enthusiast confident, and powers the truly skilled to new heights. Working with the perfect tool is utter pleasure … Continue reading

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