Noticed: Honoring Craft Through Craft


By Regina Connell. What grabbed me first was the slightly ridiculous notion of a Lexus IS—a working one, mind you—made out of cardboard. 1700 pieces of it to be exact. The cardboard sat atop a steel and aluminum frame, and … Continue reading

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Noticed: Color Tales

Magical colors at Maharam

By Regina Connell. Some people love to wrap their heads around big theories. Others love to know how—very exactly—things work. Not being particularly good at either of those, I gravitate towards the backstory behind things, and in particular, the role … Continue reading

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Noticed: Serendipities

Jane Crisp Trug. Image courtesy of Jane Crisp.

By Regina Connell. A few things crossed my screen this week that made me want to cheer. At another end of the spectrum there’s a woman whose work I’ve been obsessed with but about whom I haven’t had much of … Continue reading

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Noticed: Joys for the grown up season

Image by Andres Pasquali, via the BBC

By Regina Connell. The season for grown-ups is coming into its own: a new book by a favorite author and a few other pieces that have come across our collective radars. While I’m not quite through my summer fascination with … Continue reading

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