Designing Light: Christopher Poehlmann

newGROWTH ligh

By Regina Connell. Having interviewed a number of lighting designers, I’ve found that they’re a pretty talented, cerebral bunch. They have to be artisans and thus know about materials and design and all that, and they have to know a … Continue reading

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Noticed: Metal on Pinterest

Handful of Salt: Metal Collection

  Here’s our gorgeous Pinterest board featuring metal and silversmithing. We love what we’re discovering there. Some old favorites from Handful of Salt (Stacey Lee Webber and her fantastic work with pennies, and Junko Mori‘s raw meets refined sea creatures). … Continue reading

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Profile: Caitlin McNamara, Blue Dot Jewelry

Work Desk_Blue Dot Jewelry

By Lee Havlicek. All photos courtesy of Caitlin McNamara |¬†Blue Dot Jewelry. Meet Portland-raised, Brooklyn-based Caitlin McNamara, founder, designer, and maker of Blue Dot Jewelry. If you recognize the name and gorgeously detailed, delicate but durable, nature-inspired pieces, it might … Continue reading

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Noticed: Golden Gate Bridge Furniture

Detail of metal

By Nicole Bemboom. Ever start a project that seems insurmountable? Do you shudder every time you look in that back closet, the one where you stuffed all that overpriced tupperware, now immortalized in cloudy plastic from that time you skipped … Continue reading

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