Noticed: Clayworks

Clayworks pigmented top coat with mica. Image courtesy of

By Dominique Koudsi. Imagine stepping into a room of walls both breathtaking and breathable, eco-friendly and easy on the eyes—a living space with a life of its own. Sounds too good to be true, but a natural nest such as … Continue reading

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Profile: John Whitmarsh

John Whitmarsh utility pole tiles

By Regina Connell and Natalie Powell. Funny, he doesn’t look like an iconoclast. There’s no wild-eyed look, no unhinged affect; there’s not even a hint of that intensity that can make a person go from intriguing to frightening in the … Continue reading

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Interview: Angela Schwer


By Regina Connell. You know how obsessions build, especially online. (Yes, you do.) You look once. Look again. Go back to the place you saw the piece, click around, come back. It’s a little like stalking. That’s kind of how … Continue reading

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Mavens and Storytellers: Nancie Mills Pipgras

Luca Barberini Folla (2010)

By Regina Connell. I can’t imagine kicking off our coverage of mavens with anyone other than Nancie Mills Pipgras, a woman who’s helping change the way the world looks at this ancient-contemporary form of art. Luca Barberini Folla (2010) Nancie’s … Continue reading

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