AltLuxe: In Praise of Specificity

Specifics of necessity

By Regina Connell. When I was in Japan a few years ago, I went to a place called Tokyu Hands. It blew me away: floor after floor of stuff, so much of it incredibly specific. A container to hold sliced tomatoes … Continue reading

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Noticed: A Place to Stay

By Regina Connell. As we’ve said before, the better bookstores out there have gotten smarter and scrappier. But this is one of the smarter and more wonderful ways I’ve seen. Nantucket Bookworks has turned its second story into an apartment … Continue reading

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AltLuxe: Have the Chocolate

By Regina Connell. I recently came across a reasonably compelling piece on how eating for pleasure could be the best diet plan. And, it reminded me that what goes for the body, goes for a lot of other things, I do … Continue reading

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Composure: Remembrance

By Kyle Studstill. Composure If we are to do our best work in the face of constant chaos and change, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. Composure produces an ongoing series of reflections, guided by creative … Continue reading

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