Maven: Marcella Echavarria

By Regina Connell. There are some people out there who just can’t help themselves. And thank goodness. Because if it weren’t for them, the world would be a far sorrier place. And less beautiful, too. Marcella Echvarria is one of … Continue reading

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Lisa Bayne and the Alchemy of Business

By Regina Connell. One of the things that’s hard about the unruly, decentralized world of artisan goods today is that it’s tough to really know what sells, what people look at, what kind of people are looking, or what’s trending. … Continue reading

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Maven: Polly Leonard

By Kathryn Clark. Every now and then someone raises the bar for an entire design field. Someone steps back and sees the bigger picture. Someone, say, finds the best contemporary textiles the world over, connects them together and lays them … Continue reading

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The Craft of Curation: Vas Kinris of Zinc Details

By Regina Connell. We love to love the new. It’s all so exciting: the lack of rules, the thrill and utter delight of the unexpected, the new intimacies, and even the promise of redemption. But it’s so much harder to … Continue reading