DxV: The Conrans

By Regina Connell. It’s that nature or nurture question, once again. Does talent get handed down through genes, or through context and upbringing? The Conran Family certainly is a case in point. This is a family that has more creative … Continue reading

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Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard

It’s no secret: the traditional handcrafts of the world have had a hard time of it. While individual makers and artisans have struggled, so have the larger enterprises that produced the work. In some sense, they don’t have the advantages … Continue reading

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The Big Picture: All the Action’s at the Auction

By Regina M. Connell. All images courtesy of Bonhams. The auction business is the Grace Kelly of the art world: glamorous but mysterious; beautiful but slightly forbidding. Not surprisingly, people are intensely curious, but engage awkwardly, hesitantly—or not at all. … Continue reading

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Maven: Megan Schwarz, Seed to Serum

By Dominique Koudsi. All photos courtesy of Megan Schwarz. In today’s world of selfies and Kim Kardashian make-up tutorials, it’s easy to start seeing beauty through the lens of an Instagram “filter”: as something no longer in the eye of … Continue reading

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