DxV: The Conrans

Matador Chair, designed by Terence Conran, image courtesy of the Conran Blog

By Regina Connell. It’s that nature or nurture question, once again. Does talent get handed down through genes, or through context and upbringing? The Conran Family certainly is a case in point. This is a family that has more creative … Continue reading

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Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard

J Hill's Standard

It’s no secret: the traditional handcrafts of the world have had a hard time of it. While individual makers and artisans have struggled, so have the larger enterprises that produced the work. In some sense, they don’t have the advantages … Continue reading

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The Big Picture: All the Action’s at the Auction

Michael Cooper (American, born 1943)
Soap Box Racer, 1975
Sold for $25,000

By Regina M. Connell. All images courtesy of Bonhams. The auction business is the Grace Kelly of the art world: glamorous but mysterious; beautiful but slightly forbidding. Not surprisingly, people are intensely curious, but engage awkwardly, hesitantly—or not at all. … Continue reading

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Maven: Megan Schwarz, Seed to Serum

Profile: Megan Schwarz of Seed To Serum

By Dominique Koudsi. All photos courtesy of Megan Schwarz. In today’s world of selfies and Kim Kardashian make-up tutorials, it’s easy to start seeing beauty through the lens of an Instagram “filter”: as something no longer in the eye of … Continue reading

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