Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard

J Hill's Standard

It’s no secret: the traditional handcrafts of the world have had a hard time of it. While individual makers and artisans have struggled, so have the larger enterprises that produced the work. In some sense, they don’t have the advantages … Continue reading

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Noticed: Nate Cotterman

Cube glasses by Nate Cotterman

By Regina Connell. We’re huge fans of the craft of glassmaking for that unlikely blend of meditative process and excitement. But we’re often underwhelmed by the designs we typically see. The glass world is absolutely ripe for artisans who integrate … Continue reading

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Noticed: Elk-Small world, big ideas.

By Regina Connell. There is something about the Aussies, isn’t there? The self-deprecating humor. The food (though let’s not talk about Vegemite, you can’t count me as one of those rabid fans). The beer (now we’re talking). The big personalities … Continue reading

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Profile: emiko oye


There are few people as seriously FUN as emiko oye. She’s one of those spirits who, when you meet her, projects such vivacity, energy, generosity, and intelligence that you can’t help but smile. And that’s exactly the same feeling you … Continue reading

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