Designing Light: Christopher Poehlmann

newGROWTH ligh

By Regina Connell. Having interviewed a number of lighting designers, I’ve found that they’re a pretty talented, cerebral bunch. They have to be artisans and thus know about materials and design and all that, and they have to know a … Continue reading

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Northern Exposure: David Taylor

Taylor at The NWBLK-Considered Objects 2

By Regina Connell. Have you ever played “match the work to the maker” when you go to a gallery? Not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorite things to do…mostly because it gives me a chance to laugh at myself for … Continue reading

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Noticed: Peter Bellerby x Bellerby and Co.

Peter Bellerby. Image courtesy of Bellerby & Co.

By Dominique Koudsi. When I saw the tweet from @globemakers asking if we’d ever featured an artisanal globemaker on Handful of Salt, my interest was immediately sparked. I still remember the first globe my dad ever bought me: a special … Continue reading

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The New Luxury: The Line

full_Editorial_Chapter_The_Apartment_Hero (1)

By Regina Connell. Ah, someone who gets it. The Line from Vanessa Traina (among others) is an amazing example of AltLuxe, the new luxury: It’s an online clothing and home goods retailer as well as a space, both online and in SOHO (NYC), … Continue reading

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