Graduate Design Shows: UK Picks

Landscape of Gravity by Kirsien Kovaara

By Sophie Corfan. Graduate show season is always one of my favorite times of the design calendar year. There’s so much enthusiasm in the air as a whole host of new talent emerges, ready to show off several industrious years … Continue reading

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Designing Light: Christopher Poehlmann

newGROWTH ligh

By Regina Connell. Having interviewed a number of lighting designers, I’ve found that they’re a pretty talented, cerebral bunch. They have to be artisans and thus know about materials and design and all that, and they have to know a … Continue reading

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Northern Exposure: David Taylor

Taylor at The NWBLK-Considered Objects 2

By Regina Connell. Have you ever played “match the work to the maker” when you go to a gallery? Not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorite things to do…mostly because it gives me a chance to laugh at myself for … Continue reading

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Noticed: Peter Bellerby x Bellerby and Co.

Peter Bellerby. Image courtesy of Bellerby & Co.

By Dominique Koudsi. When I saw the tweet from @globemakers asking if we’d ever featured an artisanal globemaker on Handful of Salt, my interest was immediately sparked. I still remember the first globe my dad ever bought me: a special … Continue reading

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