Noticed: Norlha

Norlha Classics Collection

By Lee Havlicek. Marcella Echavarria is one of our favorite Mavens and Storytellers. When she gets involved in a project, we know it’s something good, something that deserves attention. Norlha, a company that produces incredible and sustainable handmade, luxury textiles in Tibet, … Continue reading

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Noticed: First Rite Clothing

Noticed: First Rite Clothing

By Rachel Filipinas. All images by Maria del Rio. When it comes to getting dressed, San Francisco has a special kind of insouciance. There’s a nonchalant attitude influenced by a mix of cultures and personalities; there’s history and an agelessness … Continue reading

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Places We Love: elu

élu San Francisco

By Regina Connell. There is so much bad retail out there, it’s a miracle Amazon and its e-commerce ilk haven’t already taken more than 7% of the retail category in the US. But retail survives despite itself. The stars, of … Continue reading

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Profile: Leather Works Minnesota

Kent’s Sewing Machine

By Anna Hoeschen. All photos by Caitlin Cooreman. An American flag rests against a white brick wall in the Leather Works Minnesota studio. It keeps watch over the swivel knives and mallets, the sheets of chocolate leather and the metal … Continue reading

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