Design Drama

Lilith Rockett's movingly austere work

By Regina Connell. Getting craft out of the studio, gallery, or art museum and into the home is, for many artisans, the whole point. And a natural ally in this endeavor is the interior designer. Interior designers are, of course, … Continue reading

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The New Luxury: Savoring Summer

Summer in San Francisco

By Regina Connell. Ahhh summer. With the thwack and crack of balls on Wimbledon’s center court, I feel we’re finally, definitively in it. A lot of people absolutely adore summer. They love the time, the weather, the being outdoors…but I … Continue reading

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Profile: Leather Works Minnesota

Kent’s Sewing Machine

By Anna Hoeschen. All photos by Caitlin Cooreman. An American flag rests against a white brick wall in the Leather Works Minnesota studio. It keeps watch over the swivel knives and mallets, the sheets of chocolate leather and the metal … Continue reading

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Kirsten Muenster: Meditations on Design

Small Box Chain Necklace by Kirsten Muenster

By Regina Connell. It’s always exciting to discover really fresh work, both in terms of finding an artisan whose work doesn’t show up in all the usual suspect places, and in terms of work that looks completely unique. I’ve been … Continue reading

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