All Things Artisanal: The Jewelry Collection

By Regina Connell.

At All Things Artisanal, we have a point of view about jewelry: it should be beautiful, it should be high quality, and most of all, it should be wearable. There is a lot of gorgeous art jewelry out there, amazing and magical sculptural pieces with big ideas. That’s great. Problem is, they’re not so wearable. For us, they are small sculptures, diminutive works of art.

So here are some extremely wearable but personality-packed picks from just some of the amazing artisans on All Things Artisanal. (But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Get over there and see—and pick out—something for yourself. And yes, we know, this is all just in time for that day of jewelry and chocolate in mid-February.)

Earrings by Niki Ulehla

Loving Niki Ulehla‘s apatite and pyrite studs. In California, we seem to be having summer already, but for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, the pop of color is especially welcome.

Bangle by COATT

We loved these for our holiday guide and we love them still: the astrology bangles in morse code by Coatt. So delicate, they should be worn by the stack. Get one for each of your kids or besties to keep them close to you.

Sharlaine Anapu’s die formed rings

Sharlaine Anapu‘s organic wonders thrill us. Tough. Delicate. Sexy. For when you’re rocking that Rick Owens/All Saints vibe (or buying for someone who does).

Ring by Sharon Zimmerman

Also in that same general category: Sharon Zimmerman, whose elegant take on edge is the perfect grown-up complement to that rugged, beat up 20-year-old biker jacket.

Earrings by Sarah Loertscher

There are definitely artisans who do an amazing job of creating wearable sculpture. My absolute favorites in this category: Sarah Loertscher and Vanessa Gade.

Sutro Tower earrings from Vanessa Gade

As a Bay Arean, I adore these super-subtle Sutro Tower earrings.

Pearls with an edge by Elisabeth Newton

Did you think pearls went out with Barbara Bush? Not if Elisabeth Newton has her way. Of course, I don’t think the former First Lady has this spiked necklace in her collection…but good for her if she does.

Shadow rings by Nancy Troske

And finally, because I’m still obsessing about pops of color, I’m loving these rings from Nancy Troske. The fact that they’re made using ancient goldsmithing techniques makes them all the better. Style and substance. They’re the real deal.


All Things Artisanal

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