Handful of Salt is our guide to the well-crafted life. Handful of Salt is a guide to the well-crafted, considered life. From ideas to rituals, from goods to their creators, we track the beautiful and meaningful.

It’s about beauty in all things. Connecting the senses to the mind. Incredible quality. The work of the hand. Whimsy and personality. Appreciation. Pleasure.

A little history. This blog’s morphed over the years since we started (2010). It started as a blog focused on artisans whose work was both beautiful and beautifully crafted and the people and organizations that help bring their work to the world. But that inspired us to think more about the other side of the equation: how to live in a way that honors the work of artisans through better, more truly thoughtful choices in what we do and buy, and a deeper inquiry into what “things” mean to us.

We bring all of this to you here, periodic newsletter, and on Facebook, and Pinterest. 

We hope you enjoy.

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