Pickling Ginger Lee & Lou: Pickled Ginger + Homemade Jam.

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook.   Ginger is a stupendously under-appreciated ingredient, as far as we’re concerned. It adds something unexpected and welcome to so many different types of dishes, whether sweet or savory. Try it in pies, drinks, … Continue reading

Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard.
Noticed: SuperPAC.
Lee & Lou: Ciambotta.

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Noticed: Nick Lundeen.

Nick Lundeen’s Studio

By Anna Hoeschen. All photos by Caitlin Cooreman. I’m listening to my favorite Johnny Cash song, Hey Porter, as I write this. I’ve just watched the trailer for Easy Rider. Suddenly, I’m thinking about that trip I took to Abiquiu, … Continue reading

Noticed: SuperPAC.

superPAC comes to Westedge

By Regina M. Connell. There are many things we have in abundance in the good old USA, but a plethora of high quality design shows is not one of them. There are crafty shows. There are glossy mega shows. There … Continue reading

Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard.


It’s no secret: the traditional handcrafts of the world have had a hard time of it. While individual makers and artisans have struggled, so have the larger enterprises that produced the work. In some sense, they don’t have the advantages … Continue reading

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