Image courtesy of Bursting the Maker Bubble: Part 2.

By Regina Connell. Part 1 of Bursting the Maker Bubble certainly touched a nerve. It seems that more than a few people—of the serious “maker” tribe, in particular—have been seeing the same things, feeling the same way. There were also … Continue reading

Seed to Serum: Transition to Spring.
The New Luxury: Secret Objects.
Lee & Lou: Midnight Waffles.

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Lee & Lou: Fresh Smashed Pea Fritters.

Fresh spring pea pods, basil, and parsley waiting their turn in a Heath Ceramics bowl

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. It’s been touch and go with spring for a few weeks now: A sunny day here, a frigid day there, then—snow again? Then, rain—no, it’s just wet snow. But after a few … Continue reading

Seed to Serum: Transition to Spring.

image courtesy of Lee and Lou Cook

By Megan Schwarz. Seed to Serum Light breezes, chirping birds, blooming flowers—oh how I love the first signs of Spring. Though I adore Fall, I find Spring to be the most inspiring! Out with the dreary, cold, short days, and … Continue reading

The New Luxury: Secret Objects.

The New Luxury: Secret Objects

By Regina Connell. Secrets. They’re not supposed to exist, are they? We’re supposed to tell it all, share it all, let it all hang out, preferably online. Mental health types talk about the corrosive effects of secrets.  We barely tolerate the … Continue reading

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