Atlas DxV: David D’Imperio.

By Regina Connell. If you’re in the market for quiet, restrained lighting, the kind that just glows politely, adding ambiance and functionality, stop reading. Because David D’Imperio does not make that kind of lighting. He designs and creates limited edition … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Deliciously Simple Sides.
Lee & Lou: Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake.
Space Makes Place: Conde House.

Space Makes Place: Conde House.


By Regina Connell. Typically, we think of Japanese companies as either gargantuan industrial corporations or very small enterprises. The giants are the likes of Sony, Uniqlo, Toyota. On the micro side of the ledger, we think of Japanese artisans and craftsmen, laboring in clay, … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Deliciously Simple Sides.

Lee & Lou: Holiday Meals

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. Hey, friends: here’s a quick post to help you out with your holiday meal planning! Because if you’re anything like us right now, you’re also running around with your brain yelling things … Continue reading

DxV: David Wiseman.

Unique Collage Column table in bronze with porcelain Cherry blossoms and glass top. Designed and made by David Wiseman, USA, 2014.

By Regina Connell. Simply put, David Wiseman makes utterly unforgettable work that straddles the line between art, craft, and design. He’s one of the few true modern artisans out there, someone who combines ancient skills, techniques, and sensibilities with a … Continue reading