drifter-t-001-e1397342787423 The New Luxury: The Craft of the T.

By Regina Connell. My Ts are the hardest working things in my wardrobe. Particularly my black ones. They are both beautiful and useful…nay, essential: I wear them at least 5 out of 7 days. So I take them seriously. Now it’s time … Continue reading

A Conversation: The Lowdown on Textiles.
Noticed: Little Fool Textiles.
The New Luxury: Instaluxe.

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Noticed: Little Fool Textiles.


By Regina Connell. I’m one of these people who loves earrings, rings, bracelets…but I’ve never been about those big, statement necklaces. Not sure why, but there we are. However, my daily uniform of black (or if I’m feeling daring, navy … Continue reading

Lee & Lou Cook: Homemade Pasta.

Homemade Pasta with broccoli rabe pesto

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook.   It’s tough to beat the level of perfection and satisfaction achieved by a simple, well-made bowl of pasta. Really tough.     The two of us would say it’s pretty damn near … Continue reading

A Conversation: The Lowdown on Textiles.

The source of it all

By Regina Connell. Textiles are so fundamental to the way we live and yet, unless you’re a maker, it’s rare that we spend time considering anything about them—other than how beautiful they are and how they feel, that is. But … Continue reading

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