Through the looking glass with Heather Palmer Noticed: Through the Looking Glass.

By Regina Connell. We live in the age of vanity, oh baby, do we ever.  And the apex of our vanity? Selfies: those private moments concocted to be shared social media, the stories manufactured solely for public consumption. The handmaidens of that vanity? Our smartphones, of course. … Continue reading

AltLuxe: Is Cool Where It’s At?.
Lee & Lou: Green Garlic + Mint Pea Soup.
Composure: SDR Traveller.

Under the Radar: Jenny Hacker.

Jenny at work. Image courtesy of Jenny Harker.

By Regina Connell. It was designer Steven Miller—no slouch in the taste department—who first showed me the work of Jenny Hacker, a San Francisco-based textile artist. It was a blanket—black on black—with two different textiles fused together, one side organic cotton and the … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Apricot Tarte Tatin with Rosemary.

Apricot Tartin with Rosemary

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. As this rainy spring continues, we find ourselves in need of a pick-me-up—and, as always, preferably one of the food variety. This week, we spotted one we didn’t expect: beautiful apricots, the … Continue reading

Composure: SDR Traveller.

33 Composure Passage Jan Chipchase SDR Traveller

By Kyle Studstill. Composure Each issue of Composure features creative entrepreneurs with a sense of artistry, those building compelling worlds around unique brands: A commitment to genuine, raw, viscerally human understanding—this is SDR Traveller.   SDR Traveller makes a specialized set of light, … Continue reading