Broccoli Rabe Lee & Lou: Garlicky + Spicy Broccoli Rabe.

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. Broccoli rabe is one of those things that makes ordering anything it’s on, in, or served with a done deal. Our love for it runs deep—going back to childhood memories of Lou’s grandmother … Continue reading

DxV: Michaël Verheyden.
Lee & Lou: Flourless Chocolate Bourbon Cake.
DxV: Forest Dickey.

DxV: Michaël Verheyden.

Alabaster Pieces by Michael Verheyden

By Regina Connell. Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden is truly one of my favorite designers: from his aesthetic to his ethos, he epitomizes the new luxury that’s happening around us, the quiet kind that the truly discriminating are craving and questing. … Continue reading

DxV: Forest Dickey.

Ashlar Table

By Regina Connell. A Martini. The Little Black Dress. A dry aged steak. Pretty much anything Hermes. These are classics that somehow always feel modern. They’re what we always come back to after ill-advised dalliances with things like Cosmopolitans, gypsy … Continue reading

Jess Wainer: Sculptress of Light.

Custom lighting from Jess Wainer

By Regina Connell. Making the rounds of design trade shows in the last year, I’ve seen a great deal of lighting. And most of it bored me silly. The big problem was the utter sameness of it: an endless riff on the Lindsay … Continue reading