Places We Love: The Bent Spoon.

By Lee Havlicek.   If you’re going to really lean into summer the way you should, there are things that are nice and things that are necessary. I suppose these mostly both vary from person to person, and for some … Continue reading

Graduate Design Shows: UK Picks.
Lee & Lou: Linguine + Quick-Preserved Lemons.
Profile: Leslie Shapiro Joyal.

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The Best of the ACC (San Francisco Edition).

Lilith Rockett's perfect ceramics

By Regina Connell The American Craft Council’s San Francisco show highlighted, as usual, the high level of craft in multiple categories. The interior designer-maker collaborations were definite hits, with one we’d profiled – between designer Alison Damonte, Ealish Wilson and … Continue reading

Graduate Design Shows: UK Picks.

Poured Table by Troels Flensted

By Sophie Corfan. Graduate show season is always one of my favorite times of the design calendar year. There’s so much enthusiasm in the air as a whole host of new talent emerges, ready to show off several industrious years … Continue reading

Places we love: elu.

elu's eclectic mix

By Regina Connell. There is so much bad retail out there, it’s a miracle Amazon and its e-commerce ilk haven’t already taken more than 7% of the retail category in the US. Mainstream in this country retail survives despite itself. … Continue reading

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Wallpaper based on the work of Ealish Wilson