The Plumen 003 The Art and Craft of the Lightbulb.

By Regina Connell. Just a few years ago, it seemed there was always an incandescent lightbulb burned out around the house.  I’d forage in the closet where I kept them, only to realize I didn’t have the right shape/wattage on hand. I’d go out and buy … Continue reading

elworthy studio: Where Art Meets Function.
New Work: Siba Sahabi.
Finding the Fit: Diana Slavin.

The big idea: the danger of new, new things.

What's the point?

By Regina Connell. I’ve long been an admirer of David Trubridge. At first it was just his designs. But then after we did our interview with him, and I developed a whole new respect for his way of building a good business … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Farro, Peaches + Feta.

Farro with peaches

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. Have you noticed peaches popping up in more and more salads lately?  They seem to be jumping onto an increasing number of lunch and dinner menus, and we’re pumped about it. Sandwiches, … Continue reading

elworthy studio: Where Art Meets Function.

Artful design at studio elworthy

By Regina Connell. I have always been a little standoffish about wallpaper, most likely because I don’t particularly embrace pattern. And anyone who knows me will nod vigorously when I say I struggle with color. So the combination of color … Continue reading