Silvia Song's Indigo Dyed Bowls Noticed: Silvia Song.

By Regina M. Connell. I’ve been going through a phase recently where the minimal has been appealing to me a little less. I want things a little more baroque, so to speak (not fully but a little more in that … Continue reading

The New Luxury: The Culture of Smoking.
Lee & Lou: Aileen’s English Cheddar Scones.
Seed to Serum: Winter Skincare.

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Lee & Lou: Aileen’s English Cheddar Scones.

Lee & Lou: Aileen's English Cheddar Scones

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook.   These scones really are just perfect. Serve them toasty warm all on their own (or with jam and butter) or alongside a meal. They are so quick and easy to … Continue reading

Natural Skincare, Evolved.


By Megan Schwarz. Seed to Serum Photos courtesy of The Little Alchemist. The Little Alchemist marries natural, organic ingredients with the latest anti-aging actives. These actives include fascinating complexes like Cohellis Bio, a vegetable-based Botox alternative, D’Orientine S, a wrinkle-fighter … Continue reading

The New Luxury: The Culture of Smoking.

The long lost accoutrements of smoking

By Regina Connell. It’s no doubt a good thing that smoking is no longer as popular a pastime as it once was. It’s better to live in a world where one can experience the joy of walking into a bar without reeling at the thickness … Continue reading

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Seed to Serum: Winter Skincare