DxV: Silvia Song DxV: Silvia Song.

By Regina Connell. This isn’t the most politically correct thing to say but craft work—making—tends to break down along gender lines. In general, textiles seem to a woman’s “thing.” Metalwork and glassblowing: mostly a male “thing.” Ceramics: a little more … Continue reading

DxV: Misa Kumabuchi.
Lee & Lou: Olive Oil-Fried Eggs + Labneh.
Lee & Lou: Sunchoke Caponata.

DxV: Florian Roeper.

Studio Roeper Gallery

By Regina Connell. Many artisans tend to fall in love with a single material and never move on from there.  And this is good. We’re all for monogamy after all, and it does take time and focus to hone those … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Olive Oil-Fried Eggs + Labneh.

Labneh —Spring Breakfast

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook. Step outside and take a deep breath. It FINALLY feels like spring. This makes us: A) Want to be outside B) Want to eat all the bright, light, sunshiney springtime foods C) … Continue reading

DxV: Misa Kumabuchi.

Beautiful bowls

By Regina Connell. Japan is one of those countries that fascinates, but why, exactly? Is it the zen quiet of the countryside’s traditional ryokans? Is it the craziness of Tokyo’s Akihabara and Harajuku? The love of tradition? The seemingly infinite … Continue reading