Nick Lundeen’s Studio Noticed: Nick Lundeen.

By Anna Hoeschen. All photos by Caitlin Cooreman. I’m listening to my favorite Johnny Cash song, Hey Porter, as I write this. I’ve just watched the trailer for Easy Rider. Suddenly, I’m thinking about that trip I took to Abiquiu, … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Buttermilk Shortcakes + Lemon Curd.
Just Do It: Lilith Rockett.
Lee & Lou: Pulled Pork + Lou’s Slaw.

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The Big Picture: What We Leave Behind.

It's never why you think it is

By Regina Connell. What is this stuff that surrounds us and what does it mean? This subject’s been on my mind a great deal, as I sort through the things my mother left behind. It’s been so interesting a journey … Continue reading

Lee & Lou: Buttermilk Shortcakes + Lemon Curd.

Lee & Lou: Buttermilk Shortcakes + Lemon Curd

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook.   We don’t know if you’ve also noticed, but there are still a lot of berries going around—really, really delicious berries. We’ve made good use of them all summer, making berry … Continue reading

Chicago Hope: Room406.

Quilts by Sarah Nishiura

By Regina Connell. I love Chicago. It’s the city that just gets on with it. The Coasts have the dazzle factor, but Chicago has this tendency of getting things done without necessarily calling a lot of attention to itself.  And … Continue reading

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