crescioni_1_andriaportrait Noticed: Crescioni.

By Rachel Filipinas. All lookbook images by Andrew Lee. Portraits by Gentl and Hyers. Andria Crescioni understands balance: simple versus bold, rural versus urban, traditional versus innovative. When it comes to her work, finding equal footing between these contrasting elements … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Mary.
Geography Matters: The Art and Craft of Tillie Burden.
Hole Up and Read.

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Noticed: Furniture for Grown Ups.

Scott McGlasson of Woodsport

By Regina Connell. When you were a kid, restraint was one of those concepts that didn’t exist, right? Then, for many, as you got older, the idea that restraint was a good thing got kind of knocked into you. This … Continue reading

Geography Matters: The Art and Craft of Tillie Burden.

Caramel / Grey Being Bag

By Regina Connell. KostaBoda. Orrefors. Iittala. Holmegard. What do these names have in common? They’re all reknown glass makers with a gloriously modernist orientation. And they’re all based in Scandinavia. If you have any high-end glassware at all in your … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Mary.

Anna_Abby (2)

By Anna Hoeschen. [Editor’s note: At Handful of Salt, we’re about finding meaning in the material world, about going deeper into and behind the things that matter to us. Who made it? What does it mean? What inspires it? And … Continue reading

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