Pickling Ginger Lee & Lou: Pickled Ginger + Homemade Jam.

By Lee & Lou Havlicek. Lee & Lou Cook.   Ginger is a stupendously under-appreciated ingredient, as far as we’re concerned. It adds something unexpected and welcome to so many different types of dishes, whether sweet or savory. Try it in pies, drinks, … Continue reading

Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard.
Noticed: SuperPAC.
Lee & Lou: Ciambotta.

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Noticed: Iacoli & McAllister.

Large Spica light fixture

By Rachel Filipinas. Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest statements. As someone who seeks out the simple—the subtle, the refined, the little things that feel like a secret discovery—I find myself instantly drawn to the pieces of Iacoli & … Continue reading

Noticed: SuperPAC.

superPAC comes to Westedge

By Regina M. Connell. There are many things we have in abundance in the good old USA, but a plethora of high quality design shows is not one of them. There are crafty shows. There are glossy mega shows. There … Continue reading

Noticed: J. HILL’s Standard.


It’s no secret: the traditional handcrafts of the world have had a hard time of it. While individual makers and artisans have struggled, so have the larger enterprises that produced the work. In some sense, they don’t have the advantages … Continue reading

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